natural perfumery class

Fragrance Class

Tuition: $500   group per person

Tuition: $1000 private per person

2 Day Weekend Workshop

14 hours, Sat & Sun: 10am-6:00pm (includes breaks)

Duration: approx 14 hours (class time varies based on each group of students and their questions, we like to cover the full material and class time may vary)


-learn the history & art of fragrance

-understand the composition, notes and building a fragrance accord  and how to make long lasting scents

-learn the healing benefits of aromatherapy 

-learn about essential oils, hydrosols and infused oils 

-receive recipes to create diy products at home or start your own line 

-create your own natural signature fragrance 1.7 oz eu de parfum, body spray, perfume oil, perfume solid, infused oil & tincture 

-receive a perfumer blending note template to build a notebook for recording your formulas and recipes