how to build  a business & brand yourself workshop


3 Hours

10am-1pm Saturdays or Sundays


Have you always wanted to start your own business and build a brand but hesitated because you didn't know how to begin? This workshop will give you all the inspiration, knowledge and guidance to start your dream business or brand.

- How to start a business

- How to choose a business name

- How to create a memorable logo based on consumer psychology and consumer behavior research

- Where to begin with packaging and labeling

- How to build a loyal following

- What methods of marketing work

- How to get investment, get a loan or self fund

- Should I create a website or design my own

- SEO marketing basics you must know

- How to write a business plan

- What payment software and client management tools do I use?

At Chamak Academy, we also offer business consulting and help our students and clients build their brand. Students who have enrolled in our professional course receive their first hour complimentary. A private consultation begins at $75 an hour.